5 Reasons Hospice Pajamas are a Good Idea for Your Loved Ones

When someone you love is in a Hospice facility, it is important that they stay as comfortable as possible. This can be achieved by getting Hospice pajamas. These clothes are ideal for those who are unable to get out of bed or those who are frail and can no longer dress themselves.

1) Sense of Freedom
You can make sure your family member keeps their independence as long as possible. It is easy to get the pajamas on and off so that the patient can try to do daily activities, if possible, alone or with minimal help.

2) Stylish
Although Hospice pajamas are similar to what you might see in a hospital, there are some colors and patterns that look like ordinary pajamas that you would find in a retail store. The prints are often sophisticated for adults who want to keep clothing that is in style while being in bed.

3) Easy Accessibility
Hospice pajamas make it easy for the patient to go to the bathroom or change clothes. Buttons are easy to maneuver for both the family of the patient, the patient and the nursing staff. Most buttons are in the back of the Hospice pajamas so that all is required is to slide the sleeves over the arms. Some of the Hospice pajamas have Velcro so that it is easier to get the clothing on and of in an emergency.

4) Comfortable
You will notice the soft material of the Hospice pajamas as they are made with 100% cotton. This gives the patient something soft to sleep in while on a bed or while sitting in a chair.

5) Maintains Dignity
Your family member won’t need to feel like he is in a medical facility when wearing the Hospice pajamas. They are similar to those that are worn at home. When your loved one feels like he is at home, it makes spending quality time much easier on the entire family.

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