Here’s Why Adaptive Pajamas Help the Elderly

Adaptive pajamas help the elderly to be comfortable, look good and to provide their caregivers with discrete, simple access when changing or working around clothing to provide medical assistance. Sophisticated, soft and specially designed, adaptive pajamas are a wonderful comfort that an elderly loved one will find especially meaningful.

Comfort and convenience
Designed with end of life care in mind, adaptive pajamas are open-backed and provide the illusion of full-style pajamas. Discrete velcro ensures a secure, loose-fit while attractive print-style enhances the overall appearance of the adaptive pajamas. Unique for fine detail, including trim, adaptive pajamas are also 100% cotton and provide the ultimate comfort next to sensitive skin.

Men and women’s styles available
Adaptive pajamas are available in both men and women’s styles that are designed for easy-on and easy-off convenience. Women’s adaptive pajamas are available in both short and long sleeve gown styles with beautiful lace detail. Men’s styles come in a variety of night-shirt designs, and also include both short and long sleeve options.

Innovative pajama design
All designs are open to the back and incorporate velcro closure at the shoulder to help the elderly stay comfortable and easily change in and out of the pajamas as needed for medical care. Since adaptive pajamas open up completely, patients are easily able to slide into the sleeves and never need to raise or lower their arms, as required by traditional pajamas.

Adaptive sleepwear is an excellent solution for elderly patients with decreased range of motion, less than adequate mobility, wheelchair or bedridden and even paralyzed patients. Dressing can be both challenging and a source of undue frustration for the elderly however, with adaptive clothing and pajama solutions available, patients never have to over exert themselves or be uncomfortable again. Affordable, intelligently designed and attractive, adaptive styles are both practical and appreciated.

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