DIGNITY PAJAMAS : Disrupting the Adaptive Sleepwear Market


  •  Adaptive clothing market will reach $349.9 billion in 2023[1]
  • An estimated 39.8 million Americans are caring for an adult[2]
  • Approximately 6 million older adults who need assistance dressing themselves in long term care settings[3]


Caregivers have a tough job! Caregiving is a complex situation in which eldercare professionals have made strides, however, most  caregiving efforts fall on family members who have little previous experience and/or limited knowledge of available resources. As a result of the growing aging population of the  Baby boomer generation, Dignity Pajamas and others have been inspired to address some of the the challenges caregivers face. This is fueling the growth of the adaptive clothing market.

Adaptive Clothing

Adaptive clothing is designed to address a variety of conditions and body types that are not well served by traditional “off-the-rack” clothing. As people age, they may become ill or bedridden, joints lose mobility, and closures that were once easy to fasten become impossible to manage. Other issues that commonly arise are incontinence, post-surgery needs or hospice, long term, memory and palliative care. As they become ill or disabled, the elderly or infirm may need 24/7 care and changing.  Hospital gowns and patient gowns are ugly and leave the wearer exposed. Adaptive design considers the challenges faced by both the wearer and the caregiver and utilizes strategically placed design features to make more user-friendly clothing. Adaptive clothing, sleepwear and rehab wear address innovative ways to clothe people with disabilities, medical conditions and that are experiencing the effects of aging.

Dignity Pajamas has specialized in sleepwear for the elderly or infirm who are in long term care, palliative, memory (dementia or Alzheimers) or hospice care.  Dignity Pajamas designs beautiful and comfortable pajamas for men and nightgowns for women with adaptive back Velcro closures, in upscale styling and fine details, making it easier for the caregiver to change them and preserving the dignity and appearance of the person being cared for.

For Further Information


Franne -Dignity Pajamas: franne@dignitypajamas.com, www.dignitypajamas.com


[1] https://coresight.com/research/the-us-adaptive-clothing-and-footwear-market-represents-a-47-3-billion-largely-untapped-opportunity/  OR https://www.coherentmarketinsights.com/market-insight/adaptive-clothing-market-2294

[2] https://www.caregiving.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/2015_CaregivingintheUS_Final-Report-June-4_WEB.pdf

[3]  https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/series/sr_03/sr03_43-508.pdf

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